Online Travel Guide To New Providence Bahamas

New Providence Art & Antiques
New Providence Art & Antiques have a wide variety of antiques for both viewing and for sale. For a new look at old items and a chance to take some home New Providence Art & Antiques is a must see.

Nassau Glass Company
Nassau Glass Company was founded in 1959 as the Bahamas' first fabricating glass company. The company added their new Art Gallery and Home Decorating Center located on the northern side of our original location.

Antonius Roberts Studio & Gallery
It is the experience of living, the importance of nature and the exploration of my ancestral African heritage through the process of creation, that moves me.

Art and Music of The Bahamas
Roshanne is a portrait artists, who captures the natural dignity of the people of The Bahamas as they accomplisht their everyday activities. She is drawn to our shimmering, crystal clear waters and also paints in soft pastels.

Jessica's Tilework
A distinctive selection of ceramic specialty items and a high standard designs. Beautiful vases, ashtrays, souvenirs cups and other novelty items. Jessica also serves as a ceramic instructor.

Anthaya Art Gallery & Framing Center
The Gallery offers custom framing, canvas mounting, photo restoration and consignment art. They opened for business in December, just days before Christmas in 2007 and has seen a steady flow of patrons from every community and all walks of life.

Third Eye Artworks & Collectibles
Your number one source for limited edition and authentic Bahamian artworks and collectibles. Come in and see our exclusive selection of rare and unique items by local craftsmen, and artists.

Dionne M. R. C. Benjamin-Smith
Considered one of the top creative graphic designers in The Bahamas, Benjamin-Smith has designed work for numerous local and off-shore companies in The Bahamas.

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