Online Travel Guide To New Providence Bahamas

Lined with upscale resorts, Cable Beach lures travelers with 20 kilometers of white sand and sparkling blue waters. Known for its beauty, Cable Beach makes a great place for vacationers, especially those in big families, to relax and have fun under the sun.

About three miles west of downtown Nassau, this area makes a perfect getaway from hustle and bustle. Named for the trans-Atlantic telegraph cable there that connects the Bahamas to the United States, Cable Beach today offers a variety of fun water sports such as jet skiing and diving. At night, the gorgeous sunset creates a perfect backdrop for a romantic walk on the beach.

For something unique, experience the dazzling rays on a camel safari that takes you on a trek across Cable Beach. Pose for a free photograph with your camel with the splendid sunset in the background and give your mount a complimentary carrot afterwards.

For glamour and excitement, stay at or visit the largest resorts on the island, which never fail to provide glamorous forms of entertainment. In the Wyndham Resort, a private lagoon and health club awaits, as well as the Rainforest Theater, themed after its namesake putting on lavish shows. The casino at the Crystal Palace Casino invites guests to try their luck at over 400 slot games and nearly 40 different table games including Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Mini Baccarat, Let it Ride Bonus, Three Card Poker, and Texas Hold 'Em.

Even more exciting, a gigantic resort on Cable Beach hopes to rival Las Vegas in its lavish attractions, hotels, and casinos. The casino itself will measure 100,000 square feet. Scheduled to be finished in 2010, the Baha Mar will house six luxurious hotels with 3,550 rooms in total, almost as many as the famed Atlantis Resort. If you find Cable Beach exciting now, return in 2010 and see this amazing resort!

Whether on a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon, or a fun spring break, travel to Cable Beach where excitement, relaxation, and fun abounds. Take a daring camel ride, unwind on the warm beach, or spend a night at the casino and have the time of your life!

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