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The most populated island in the Bahamas, New Providence offers a tantalizing mix of glamorous resorts, world-class shopping, exciting sports activities, and beautiful lazy beaches, attracting over a million visitors a year. It serves as the hub for commerce, business, and tourism. A place steeped in history, New Providence gave sanctuary to pirates, British Loyalists, Civil War-era Confederates, and rumrunners. In the north, two bridges connect New Providence to Paradise Island, another booming vacation spot, and make for easy travel between the two.

Most of the tourism occurs in the capital city of Nassau, on the northeastern part of the island where hotels, shops, and museums provide great shopping and sight-seeing. Cruise ships dock here frequently and shoppers and tourists crowd the sidewalks. Many stores sell fine imported goods at duty-free prices and restaurants offer an eclectic mix of cuisines. Visit famous landmarks such as the 19th century Christ Church Cathedral, where Queen Elizabeth II attended services, and the Queen's Staircase carved out of solid limestone with 65 steps to honor Queen Victoria's 65 year reign.

West of the city, luxury resorts and more hotels line Cable Beach. For a place that overlooks the lovely beaches, stay at one of the hotels in this area for easy access to the gorgeous sand and water. During the day, a variety of sports await the athletic, such as diving, wind-surfing, horseback riding, tennis, and golf. After the sun sets, casinos, moonlight cruises, and cabaret shows make for great nightlife.

Though mostly residential, Eastern New Providence contains many historical sights such as Fort Montagu and Fox Hill. The Retreat houses 200 species of exotic palm trees in a lush forest, perfect for a relaxing stroll.

Western New Providence offer posh resorts and popular beaches. Natural limestone caves lie perched beside the roads. At the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Centre lives a collection of rare Bahamian birds. Even more exciting, brilliantly plumed flamingos march in formation each day, giving the audience a unique and unforgettable show.

Whether relaxing and enjoying the glamour of the Cable Beach nightlife, or experiencing the fun and excitement of Nassau, vacationers discover a superb time on New Providence. With easy access to Paradise Island, the ritzy nightlife, charming historical sights, and beautiful beaches all make New Providence one of the most popular places in the Bahamas.

Travel to New Providence and have the time of your life!

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