Online Travel Guide To New Providence Bahamas

Agape Full Gospel Baptist Church

Address: East Street & Wulff Road
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-328-6937
Fax: 242-323-3328

Assemblies Of God In The Bahamas

Address: Warwick Street Shirlea
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-393-3453
Fax: 242-394-6361

Bahamas Christian Fellowship

Address: Carmichael Road
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-341-8224
Fax: 242-341-5225

Bahamas Conference Of Seventh-Day Adventists

Address: Shirley Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-341-4021
Fax: 242-341-4088

Bahamas Harvest Church

Address: Prince Charles Dr.
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-364-6266

Bahamas Jewish Congregation

Address: Cable Beach
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-327-2064

Baptist Bible Church

Address: Soldier Road
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-393-0563
Fax: 242-394-5386

Bethel Baptist Church

Address: Meeting Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-323-5000
Fax: 242-356-3345

Calvary Baptist Church (Haitian)

Address: West Ave.
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-356-4232
Fax: 242-356-4232

Centreville 7th-Day Adventist

Address: Centreville Hill
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-325-3097

Christ Church Cathedral

Address: George Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-322-4186
Fax: 242-356-5488

Christian Life Church

Address: See Breeze Lane
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-324-0438
Fax: 242-364-0382

Church Of God

Address: Yamacraw Road
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-324-2582
Fax: 242-341-1155

Cousin McPhee Cathedral A.M.E. Church

Address: Camichael Road
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-361-0809
Fax: 242-341-0809

Church Of Christ

Address: Highbury Park
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-393-2786

Ebenezer Methodist

Address: Shirley Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-393-2936

Evangelistic Temple Assemblies Of God

Address: Collins Ave.
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-322-8304
Fax: 242-322-4793

Faith Temple Ministries

Address: Madeira Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-322-8974
Fax: 242-356-5991

Golden Gates Assembly Assemblies Of God

Address: Carmichael Road
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-361-3347
Fax: 242-361-5098

Grace Community Church

Address: Grace Ave.
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-393-8120
Fax: 242-394-6243

Greater Love Ministries International

Address: 12 Williams Lane
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-394-0734
Fax: 242-394-8018

Jamaat UL Islam

Address: Carmichael Rd.
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-341-0925

Kemp Road Union Baptist Church

Address: Kemp Road
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-393-5932
Fax: 242-394-6488

Kingdom Life Church

Address: Chesapeake Road
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-393-8262
Fax: 242-394-0621

Latter-Day Saints

Address: Soldier Rd.
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-322-6618

Lutheran Church Of Nassau

Address: 119 John F. Kennedy Dr.
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-323-4107

Mission Baptist Church

Address: East & Hay Streets
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-322-8495

Mount Pleasant Green Baptist Church

Address: East & Quackoo Streets
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-328-1769
Fax: 242-328-7476

Mount Tabor Full Gospel Baptists Church

Address: Willow Tree Avenue & Mount Tabor Drive
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-392-3626
Fax: 242-392-4343

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

Address: Farrington Road
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-323-1747
Fax: 242-326-7079

New Life Christian Centre

Address: Prince Charles Dr
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-324-5493
Fax: 242-364-2284

New Providence Community Church

Address: West Bay Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-327-1660

Pilgrim Baptist Temple

Address: Street James Road
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-393-3644
Fax: 242-394-5961

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

Address: East Shirley Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-326-6004
Fax: 242-325-8549

St Paul's Baptist Church

Address: Bernard Road, Fox Hill
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-324-2371
Fax: 242-364-8391

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Kirk

Address: Shirley & Princess Streets
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-322-5475

St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Cathedral

Address: West Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-356-3008
Fax: 242-323-3802

St. George's Anglican Church

Address: Montrose Ave.
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-322-1139
Fax: 242-323-1020

St. Matthew's Angelican / Episcopal Church

Address: Shirley & Church Streets
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-323-8220
Fax: 242-322-6431

The Christian and Missionary Alliance in the Bahamas

Address: Soldier Road West
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-341-8944
Fax: 242-341-8944

The Salvation Army

Address: Mackey Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-393-2340

Trinity Assembly

Address: Harrold Road
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-341-8164
Fax: 242-341-5787

Trinity Methodist

Address: Shirley Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-325-2552

Unity Center of Light

Address: East Avenue
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-328-1325

Worldwide Church Of God

Address: Lumumba Lane
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-364-8050
Fax: 242-364-8061

Zion Baptist Church

Address: East Street & Shirley Street
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-325-3556
Fax: 242-328-2902

Zion South Beach Baptist Church

Address: Zion Blvd., South Beach
City: Nassau
Phone: 242-392-6052
Fax: 242-361-8437

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